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Gaia Online Freebie - ChrisHemp by ADayIn
Gaia Online Freebie - ChrisHemp
I still got tipped for this by ChrisHemp on Gaia Online I think. I finished this last year before Christmas. It was what he dressed up his avatar up at one time.

Sketch 1 hour (I had to redo it a few times for the anatomy proportions, it still is a bit weird for me)
Coloring was less than 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Gaia Online Commission - Temperance Change V2 by ADayIn
Gaia Online Commission - Temperance Change V2
Temperance Change V2 was on Gaia buying art. I ended up drawing this one out of her selections of what Avatars to draw of. I finished back in July.

I can't remember how long it took. 20 Minutes sketch and 30 minute coloring?
Freebie - Akiryn by ADayIn
Freebie - Akiryn
I drew this back in September for Akiryn on Gaia Online. I saw her in the Life Issues category, posting sound advice to other people's thread. Spur of the moment, I doodled real quick for her as a gift. She had tears as her and her newly husband and thanked me. After all these years on the site, I was the first person to give her an art. I thanked her back (for having such an opportunity to share a special moment with her) and felt good about myself.

Made with Paint Sai
Time: 1 hour
Freebie BlushyBunny by ADayIn
Freebie BlushyBunny
A speed paint doodle for BlushyBunny on Gaia Online to cheer her up. I saw her having issues and asked advice from the life discussion, but many people already gave her great answers, so I gave her a doodle until things got resolved for her. She happily received it.

Made with Paint Sai
20 minutes
Freebie - Ana-The-Drifblim by ADayIn
Freebie - Ana-The-Drifblim
After getting my life in order, I got some downtime! Trying to get old projects out of the way to get back on track and finally give the art out that art receivers have been waiting patiently for.

I got really stuck at how to draw a Gijinka Drifblim without copying directly from another art (the good designs were already drawn up!). After some many months, I went back to it and finally was able to whip out a design.

This is for :iconana-the-drifblim: as a thank you for being one of my dedicated watchers who kept liking my art submissions despite my huge gaps of inactivity. Hopefully it is well received.

Made with Paint Sai
15 minutes

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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Prices are negotiable, these are a range or an example of my service:
$5 - pencil chibi art
$8 - inked chibi art
$10 - colored chibi art, traditional or colored
$15 - pencil art full body
$15 - digital line art full body
$20 - simple graphics/vector art like a logo or two colored
$25 - digital art full body
$30 - digital art full body with simple background
$45 - digital art full body with detailed background

Add $3 for two people
Add $5 for each person added on after two people (I don't mind group art but they do take a long time)

:iconcomcplz: :iconreqclplz: :icontrfplz: :iconcolfplz: :icongiffplz: :iconkiricplz:

I have a wonderful fiance of almost 6 years, a daughter, and a son who I talk about often because they are the light of my world.
My degree was originally Animation but I keep working on games and getting business cards from people hiring game designers. I may or may not go back to school to get a game degree.

I rarely update because I get very distracted and have a different sense of priority than most people.

For now, I'm trying to get by the fear of being unfunny when I have a comment to respond to.
"The second that you buy a gun, fear is yours. You've walked into a culture that immediately puts you in danger and puts others in danger of you." ~Erika from The Brave One
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: My son playing with cars
  • Reading: PM's
  • Watching: Psycho Pass
My To Draw List!

AutoCad Work:
None at the moment.

Free for :iconana-the-drifblim: - Drifblim Gijinka with Drifblim Done
$48 from :iconjustmeaya:Digital Art, Full Body with Detailed Background, Two People, and a drawing of my RO High Priestess' legs on the side lol: Pending on Details of Requested Art
Advanced paid Ice Skate competition for co-worker - Mom and Son art portrait
Skeleton T-Shirt Design for Michele Styles Clothing

Gaia Online Commission:
Advanced payment, 21b for an IRL coupled anime art from Foolish Rabbit - Sketch done

Gaia Online Freebies:
Naiwi Free Update on Pokemon Art
FreeBooze Avi Art - Ink Done
Whoring AIDS Mermaid Art
Angelic Pokemon Sprite
Dareous Sprite
Soryia Avi Art

Flash Animation:
MEhhhh... lazy.. won't say the project name until I get somewhat started again.
Rouge the Bat Dressup with tutorial

How to Draw Chii Eyes
Family Doodle

Commissions Paid:
$20 - Michele Styles Clothing - Shell with Logo Upgrade

Snippet update. I don't post on my Tumbler, I do sometimes on my other Tumblr about life tips. So I'm going to start using DA Journal since I visit it every day and it's more nostalgic. It's comfortable since I've written on here for years, easy access, and it's not too public. Strangers won't really care about what I write but my friends will get to hear what's up with my life and respond accordingly here or in PM's.

I'm tired from my messed up sleeping schedule, but I know I'll fix it somehow, or at least a lot once I get my AutoCAD jobs and house done. My house mortgage lender couldn't fully pre-qualify our loan suddenly my fiance's credit history said he had a high debt credit card and a debt listed as unpaid with accrued amount of years when the credit card isn't even his nor is he authorized to use it and the unpaid debt is suppose to be listed as a recent high charge like a credit card. So our lender is fixing our credit up for us and despite the big setback, we didn't find a house we particularly liked nor could afford at the time. There were some really really tiny houses that were more expensive then huge houses that looked in better shape! At least this setback is fixable and didn't screw us over later on.

I got a job at a restaurant, then my family wanted me home more, so I left that job and got a new job as an AutoCAD drawer to work at home. It's very easy, but it's hard to do when I do not know the basics of construction rules and terminology. I am being paid to be trained but I would like to be faster at my job to be more competent for my company.

I am becoming much happier and my fiance has become more helpful with the kids that he's starting to get the upper hand on taking care of our life better than I. So I'm starting to feel a bit inadequate and ashamed ha ha. I no longer have an inhibitor of having too much to do since he's been helping out and now I have to step up the plate, too, and mature more. I'm thinking more things will fall into place once I get my house. I need to start reading books again as well. I'm noticing my socializing skills and vocabulary is becoming more difficult to utilize despite working around people and reading the newspaper. I must be skimming too much as a habit and need to slow down on reading to memorize things better since it's not as natural for me to retain information accurately anymore.

Those are the current things in my life for now!

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