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Hitler Koala by ADayIn
Hitler Koala
So one of the Skype ID's I needed to use in order to get my mic to work had a default image of a Koala provided by Skype. There was a thing going on with the guests at the party of having a mustache style. I added on the Koala but without the background and the emphasized mustache, it looked like Hitler Koala. Which was ironic since we had a friend who's Jewish in the chat and we had compiled to doodle him to have the most stereotyped look of a Jew. He was a good sport about it.

P.S. Wet Koala's look like Kangaskhan from Pokemon...…
Quick Sketch - Lisa S. by ADayIn
Quick Sketch - Lisa S.
Another Skype Pictionary, I'm only posting the ones that I liked most and it makes sense without explaining inside jokes. One of the newlyweds~

Photoshop CS6 1 minute sketch
Mark's El Bano by ADayIn
Mark's El Bano
Pictionary for a friend's visit from military. We were on Skype and I started to doodle people I saw on the Webcam. The group were speaking Spanish and Mark pointed the open door behind him led to the bathroom (El Bano). So I doodled him where the toilet was literally behind him.


Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Prices are negotiable, these are a range or an example of my service:
$5 - pencil chibi art
$8 - inked chibi art
$10 - colored chibi art, traditional or colored
$15 - pencil art full body
$15 - digital line art full body
$20 - simple graphics/vector art like a logo or two colored
$25 - digital art full body
$30 - digital art full body with simple background
$45 - digital art full body with detailed background

Add $3 for two people
Add $5 for each person added on after two people (I don't mind group art but they do take a long time)

:iconcomcplz: :iconreqclplz: :icontrfplz: :iconcolfplz: :icongiffplz: :iconkiricplz:

I have a wonderful fiance of almost 6 years, a daughter, and a son who I talk about often because they are the light of my world.
My degree was originally Animation but I keep working on games and getting business cards from people hiring game designers. I may or may not go back to school to get a game degree.

I rarely update because I get very distracted and have a different sense of priority than most people.

For now, I'm trying to get by the fear of being unfunny when I have a comment to respond to.
"The second that you buy a gun, fear is yours. You've walked into a culture that immediately puts you in danger and puts others in danger of you." ~Erika from The Brave One
  • Listening to: My son sleeping and humidifier
  • Reading: The Bible
  • Watching: Roku
  • Playing: Fantasy Life
  • Eating: Fig Bar
  • Drinking: Water
~My To Draw List!~
AutoCad Work: CAUGHT UP!

$48 from :iconjustmeaya: - Digital Art, Full Body with Detailed Background, Two People, and my legs on the side - Pending on Details of Requested Art, Legs Done.
Advanced paid Ice Skate competition for co-worker - Mom and Son art portrait
Skeleton T-Shirt Design for Michele Styles Clothing

Gaia Online Commission:
Advanced payment, 21b for an IRL coupled anime art from Foolish Rabbit - Sketch done

Gaia Online Freebies:
Naiwi Free Update on Pokemon Art
FreeBooze Avi Art - Ink Done
Whoring AIDS Mermaid Art
Angelic Pokemon Sprite
Dareous Sprite
Soryia Avi Art

Flash Animation:
Flash Project
Rouge the Bat Dressup with tutorial

How to Draw Chii Eyes
Family Doodle
Desert Punk
Shrek 3
For me



For lil bro in law -
  • SSD
  • Speaker Set
  • Warpad also?


Summary. Wonderful Christmas. Got the flu. Got sick again and still sick.
Resolution is to be kinder to oneself. Otherwise everything is a to do list with no annual deadline.

Update 1-19-15
Finished work. I'm caught up. Huge stress relief. Got a new tablet for Christmas (had to trade out for a better one, store claimed it was the best tablet on the line to my mom-in-law, but it wasn't). Fiance paid for my a spa day with the girls in the family for me as a surprise.

Getting less sick, but still sick ugh. Got to play with my son with some extra energy today. I was able to do a lot more chores today. I fixed my hot humidifier and got my tablet working. The Yiynova MSP19U+ has been pretty awesome and the glove is nice as well. I am getting used to it since it's not heavily macro'd the way Wacom does the way I like, but it accomplish it's priorities. The glove is a bit big for my hand though, ha ha.

Going to start reading the bible again with my friend and see if we can finish it this year.

Not sick anymore besides the annoyance of some phlegm in the back of the throat. The rest of my family is not either. Got my Neato Robot Vacuum and it's amazingggg! A lot of my stress went down and I don't have to worry about sweeping/vacuuming the floor anymore and expend my energy to other things. Chores are being caught up again but I'm not sleeping well. Currently just my son and I have a bad sleeping schedule, but we're making progress! My fiance has been taking more initiative and a lot of stress has been lifted from me. Getting back into trying to get a house again after my sickly break, which was just in time to get our documents in order. I'm constantly doing work or paperwork though, sigh. At least I get to play some of my games again, but I would like to have energy to go to the park with my kids every day again. They really miss spending lots of time with me.

I've been gaining more passion into things and people again, especially my fiance. I am glad I have recovered to be and feel grateful rather than going through the motions. I've been reading the bible with my friend everyday and it's been curving off bad habits as well. I think I might even start to read books again soon.

I really really been yearning to play The Sims and a bit of 90's games with the kids ha ha.

Trying to get ready for a con in April when I get back home. It's quite a scramble with my friends and I. I was able to get some thoughts together about my past after many years. It's nice reaching out to those who are or have suffered worse than you since their knowledge is so new and abundant. I like talking to new people to get ideas but sometimes too much peer influence is not good. Quality>quantity. I just feel bad I can't help too much in return, but it's been a mutual agreement and understanding that's how things work and they will be upfront to me if they do know if I can do something to help.

I'm getting organized with a lot of parts of my life but also chaotic. My organizing skills are messy (I have to make a mess and then clean) and my prioritizing just sucks. One thing at a time and take a day in!
Celebrated pa-in-law's birthday last night. Got him a good gift this year. My son fell asleep while eating dinner and before it was time for the birthday cake. Presents are out of the way except for choosing a present for ma-in-law's early birthday gift. She really needs it.

I've been getting lots of massages and my fiance been doing chores for me. I keep dreaming vivid tiring dreams and my sleeping schedule is still awful. Got other paperwork out of the way. Bills paid. Still waiting for paperwork in order to be filed for taxes. Ugh. I need that refund now. I got a new keyboard early. I got in fact a lot of things from my fiance. It's been really sweet.

I don't know what to do though since I feel distress when I'm idle. Found a lot of new answers for myself. I dislike crashing whenever I'm done feeling the high of being happy, but I think I'll just have to ride it through those emotions. I don't like to feel *whine* but I'm sure I'll grow exceptionally when I get out of these mood swings.
Been swamped at work. Got really stressed and worked for 18 hours excluding travel time from going to work, getting back to home, and eating 2 soft taco's for lunch at work and a can of ravioli with meatballs. I feel much relief but I wish I gotten it done sooner. Been getting huge things done but not enough for my peace of mind. I just want to get my own house already, but a good house doesn't come forth that easily.

Been stressed, but it's normalized stress and just getting me out of funk. Going home shopping again in a few hours. Wish me luck!

Note for later, contemplate on what's considered "selfish talk" and how to avoid it.

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